Saturday, November 21, 2009

Audi R10 V10 Supercar: Impressive Concept Study by Design Student

Today's concept study comes to us from Marouane Bembli, a 23-year old industrial design student from Sweden. The futuristic-looking supercar was designed as a 'halo' vehicle for Audi that would in theory, either sit atop or replace altogether the current R8 in the automaker's model range.

"I've designed what I believe will be Audi's new supercar, the R10", Bembli told Car Magazine. "It features a mid-mounted V10 engine and a dry weight of 1200kg. I hope you like it!"

Well, minus the proportions of the passenger cabin area that looks way too small when compared to the rest of the body, we must say that we find the R10 Concept pretty impressive.

Photos: Marouane Bembli , Via: Worldcarfans and Car