Friday, October 30, 2009

Mazda RX-Z: A... Diesel-Electric Hybrid Design Study for RX-8 Replacement

What you see pictured here is a conceptual vision for a 2+2 sports coupe with reverse opening rear doors designed to replace the current Mazda RX-8. The so-called Mazda RX-Z was conceived by Romanian design student, Adrian Ciprian who took a different -but not necessarily better- styling approach ditching most typical new-generation Mazda design cues except for the 'smiley' five-point grille.

The artist also claims that he envisions the RX-Z being fitted with a hybrid powetrain comprising of a front-mounted diesel engine and a pair of electric motors at the rear.

Understandably, this means that the Mazda-badged sports car proposal isn't much of a member of the 'RX' series, but hey, it's just a hypothetical design study.


Anonymous said...

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