Thursday, October 29, 2009

Acura Integra GSR Dressed Up Like a BMW with Lambo Doors, Mercedes Fenders and NSX

Eerie? Tacky? Disturbing? Take your pick. For the second time in a few months after our find of the Acura Integra with the Porsche fascia and Toyota Supra bodykit, we've stumbled upon yet another Integra mishmash on eBay. This custom-build gets headlights and taillights from the latest BMW 5-Series mixed with the Bavarian firm's kidney grilles, Lamborghini-style doors and according to the seller, front fenders from a Mercedes and rear air inlets from the Acura NSX. If your taste buds can handle it, hit the break for more pictures along with the seller's detailed description of the car.

Seller's Description:

"1998 CUSTOM Acura Integra GSR. Modified with a BMW 5 series headlight an taillight conversion. The front end of the car Has the 5series headlights with a M3 Grill molded to the Mercedes fenders. The door handles an all the body moldings have been shaved for the smooth look. NSX vents have been molded in the rear quarters. The stock taillights were removed an the 5 series taillights were installed. Then the car was painted Ocean teal made by Exotic colurs!! Its riding on 18' elite barbs an air ride suspension.

Powered by compressed Nitrogen an electric 3way valves an a ten switch box. For the Up, down, an side to side. The interior is a custom silver an black with chrome flake. The seats are rapped in white vinal with chrome flake. The center consil was fiberglassed for a PS2. It has a 7 in flip out TV in the dash an two TV's in the headrest. Indiglo gages for better look at night. The stereo is 2 JL 12's powered by a audioban amp. In a custom trunk enclosure wrapped in black cloth with a floating Nitrogen bottle in the center! T

he motor runs great. Only 64,000 miles.Gets great gas mileage an look good!! It's a 5 speed manuel transmisstion. This car is show ready, an Can be a daily driver. I don't drive it but maybe 20 times a year but It can be a daily driver. I have over 40 Grand Invested in it. I was asking 15k. but Lost my job an need to sell it. This car has won best of show at NOPI an other big named car shows. Its one of a kind an really need to see it to respect the quality of work!!! So Don't drop abunch of money on a car that takes for ever to fix up!! Buy one that's already done!!!"

Link: eBay , Via: Cardomain